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About Keyes Outdoor Advertising

You could say...
"out of doors is
in our blood"

What Keyes Outdoor Advertising can offer you...
...value, value, value

Keyes Outdoor Advertising offers a full set of services that will get your message in front of your customers quickly, efficiently and at a great value.

Poster Panel Design
OK... so you don't have an art department. Keyes Outdoor Advertising can work with you on the design of an effective ad for your product or service.
Poster Printing
We work with some of the Midwest's premier poster printers so your message has that
"just right" look.
Our team will install and maintain your poster...
it's all part of the plan.
Our research will help you decide which locations will drive the desired customers to your doorstep.

Call us today at (317) 442-8132

Unsurpassed service...
...it's what we do

It may sound cliche, but ultimately, what we offer is service.

Service comes in many forms... it could be the call returned, the attention to design, the poster proof delivered on time, the poster installed according to schedule or the follow up call.

We, at Keyes Outdoor Advertising, feel service is all of the above. We want you to see results in your outdoor billboard program... your success is our success.

Keyes Outdoor Advertising delivers unsurpassed quality and service at an exceptional value.


Generations of outdoors...
...multi-generational, family business

Keyes Outdoor Advertising is a family-owned business, established in 1985 in the Indianapolis area. Keyes has operated continuously since arriving in Indiana.

But Keyes Outdoor Advertising roots run deep.

Ed KeyesThe family has operated in the Dayton, Ohio since 1955, when it was founded by Edward W. Keyes.

After serving in World War II, Ed returned to his hometown of Dayton, Ohio and began a career in sales.  It was in his sales/management position in the field of outdoor advertising, that he found his calling.

At the age of forty, with a wife and six children, Ed struck out on his own and founded Key-Ads.   Building and operating the new 8-sheet poster panel business in the market over the next 25 years (and having two more children) kept Ed & Virginia Keyes very busy!   The children, as they grew older, worked helping Ed when they were on summer vacations to maintain and build new locations over the years.  In March of 1973, Ed was joined full-time in the business by their son, Nicholas.


Our Outdoor passion goes into
the forest... introducing
Keyes Hunting Gear

Keyes Hunting Gear, founded in January 2008, is headquartered in Noblesville, Indiana.  Its unique and innovative product line is focused on providing hunters camouflage packs and hunting gear products that meet all their needs in the field. Their inaugural product line was unveiled for the 2009 hunting season.  All products are manufactured in Fair Labor Association and Social Accountability International approved factories.

“After spending countless hours hunting deer from a tree stand I was frustrated by not being able to quickly and quietly access my hunting accessories”, said Jeff Keyes who developed the concept of the tree locker.  “So I thought about what I wanted and needed as a hunter and drew up a sketch of the Tree Locker.  I then sought the talents of an award winning industrial designer of backpacks to translate my ideas into a finished product.” 

The result is a backpack that meets all the needs of the stealth tree stand hunter.

  • Each pack in the Keyes Hunting Gear line pushes the boundaries of design and has been tested in the field by seasoned hunters for utility, performance and durability. All packs feature unique custom camouflage patterns developed specifically by Jeff Keyes for Keyes Hunting Gear. Packs are manufactured with 300 D Polyester Tricot and are covered with TPE an environmentally friendly, waterproof, non-toxic rubberized coating for strength and scent reduction.

  • Keyes Hunting Gear offers:

    Tree Locker



  • HATS